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How to Clean Ahi

Ahi is one of the types of tuna known as yellow fin or big eye tuna. The fish features a light or pale pink flesh and a mild flavor. It is a very popular fish in Hawaii and Japan where it is often eaten raw and used in sushi and sashimi. It tastes like a combination of a number of aromatic spices that reaches about 300 pounds in weight. However, there are some ahi that are not good for sashimi because as they swim closer to the water’s surface, their skin will get burns that greatly affect their taste if eaten raw.

How to clean ahi?

Cleaning ahi is simple. It’s just like filleting a fish that you can do even in your home. To clean an ahi, follow the following procedures:

  • Remove the scales from the fish. Totally clean it off.
  • Cut off the head. You can use a fish hammer to do it.
  • Using a very sharp knife, cut and open the stomach of the fish.
  • Remove all the internal organs of the fish.
  • From the side where you remove the internal organs, cut the meat to the center bone while making sure that your knife can feel the bone in order to remove as much meat as possible.
  • Now, do the same step above for the other three sides of the fish.
  • Cut a small depth of the meat near the tail of the fish. This is made to get more meat before reaching the tail bone.
  • After cutting the meat near the tail, separate the meat from the belly bone.
  • Do the same step above for the other three sides of the fish. Separate the meat from the belly bone.
  • Take the pieces of fillet meat, clean it and wash with tap water. Remove any unnecessary items such as tiny bones.
  • When you’re done cleaning the fillet, slice it into pieces.
  • Now you’re done with your ahi fillet, ready to make your sushi and sashimi.

Food is everybody’s necessity for survival. It’s good to eat food with extraordinary tastes. The taste of the food doesn’t only depend on the choice of the ingredients but also to the freshness of the ingredients and its preparation. Always make sure that your fish is fresh and that the materials you will use (like knife and chopping board) are cleaned first. Check also if your working place is clean. There’s nothing better to enjoy eating food that is clean and well-prepared and tastes very good.

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