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How to Clean an Aquarium

Is your aquarium filled with green water? Are your fishes eventually dying already? If yes, grab this chance to clean your aquarium in an easy way. Provided in the article are some ways you can use in saving your pet fishes.

Let us answer your queries one by one. Here below are some frequently Asked Questions the article will answer:

Is it necessary to clear the aquarium when cleaning?

There is no need for you to remove all decorative materials in the aquarium because it would only consume your time and energy. In fact, some mildew that has formed in your fish tank would give benefits to the biological cycle of animals. Removing them all, might only kill some of your fishes because you have deprived them of their natural habitat and nutrients they should have.

Is it necessary to remove all the fishes when cleaning?

Same thing applies! You do not have to remove all your fishes from the tank because you would only add up to the stress they might be feeling inside the aquarium.

What is the proper way of cleaning your fish tank?

Remove only 10-15% of water from the aquarium and immediately replace with fresh non-chlorinated water. You should have something that would suck water from the aquarium -probably a siphon would help.

Is it necessary to put Algae?

Get rid of those algae! If you have algae that is stuck onto your aquarium, buy an algae scraper to ease out its removal. The use of catfish and other algae eating fishes may also be used, but this would not guarantee you to have an algae-free aquarium. Regular cleaning of your fish tank every week would help you get rid of these bad algae.

What measures would I have after taking out some water?

If you have removed at least 10-15% of water from the tank immediately you should replace it with the same amount of water. Use a siphon in instilling water to prevent unnecessary spillage. Be sure that the water you have replaced is close to the temperature of the water you have disposed. This measure would prevent fishes from having temperature shock. Since your fishes rely on oxygen, you should give enough amount of space (above water to the cover of the tank) for oxygen flow.

If some wastes or chemicals are apparently seen floating in the tank, do not attempt to top off the aquarium. Just let it stay there if you think that your fishes are not greatly bothered by it.

What else should I do to keep my aquarium clean?

In order to keep your fish tank amazing, simply wipe the acrylic glass with a soft damped cotton cloth. On the other hand, if you really think that the glass is very cloudy already, wipe using a cloth damped with soap and water. You may do these steps systematically by wiping first at the top where most dust accumulates, down to the sides, front and rear area.

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