Aquarium Sand How To Clean

How to Clean an Aquarium Sand

Aquarium sand is found at the base of your aquarium to form a more likely surrounding to your fishes’ home, which is the ocean. It also beautifies the inside of your aquarium to show a more realistic setting.

Are you aware that cleaning your aquarium sand need detailed procedure or are you one of those who just simply rinse it with water? If you have a larger aquarium at home, then it would require you more effort and longer time in cleaning your aquarium sand. This is something that is hardly done but you have to keep its maintenance at least every other month.

Here are the step by step procedures you can try the next time you clean your aquarium sand.

  • Unplug the aquarium from the main socket; make sure that the filters and pumps are taken out.
  • Wear a long pair of rubber gloves if you find it uncomfortable cleaning the aquarium sand using your uncovered hands.
  • Using a small shovel, scoop out the sand and move it to a container. If you have a great quantity of sand, you will need to scoop it in fraction.
  • Turn on the hose or faucet and let the running water wash the plants, bigger rocks and aquarium ornaments one at a time.
  • You may use a toothbrush to eliminate algae and other debris that are trapped in plants, rocks and aquarium ornaments.
  • Get an old bowl or strainer with holes smaller than the sand and put the sand inside it.
  • Turn on the hose or faucet and let the water run into the bowl of sand.
  • Using your hands, search out and get every bigger pieces of debris you will see.
  • Slowly turn and carefully filter the sand but avoid losing too much of your sand.
  • Provide another clean container and empty your cleaned sand inside it.
  • Before you return and empty your sand into your aquarium, make sure that the aquarium was already meticulously clean.

If you don’t have sufficient time to devote in cleaning your aquarium sand, here is another way to a quick and easy clean up.

  • Choose from a variety of siphon available at a pet store near you. Although it may not be the most proficient, at least it can help you clean your aquarium sand faster than the procedure above.
  • Use the siphon you have to drain off the water directly into your sink. Pump the siphon up and down and put the siphon end on the base of the aquarium to suck up dirt in the sand.
  • You may also stir the water from end to end of your filter and then return it to your aquarium.
  • There are some instances that the dirt may not be removed by the use of your siphon, so if this happens to your aquarium sand, there’s no better solution than using your bare hands to clean your aquarium sand.

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