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How to Clean Athletic Clothes

Wearing athletic or workout clothes too often leads them to wear out easily and become more prone to germ accumulation from sweat. Thorough and meticulous cleaning is therefore vital especially when performing high-impact exercises more than thrice a week. Special care is required when laundering this type of clothing in order to maintain durability and to preserve the function of properly regulating body temperature.

Keep athletic gears looking good, smelling fresh and functioning well by following these easy steps:

  • Sort the clothes first before washing.
  • Check the specific washing instructions for different types of material. Take note of suggested water temperature, drying instructions and preferred manner of washing to prevent any damage on the clothes.
  • Check the clothes for stains or odor that would need special attention before washing.
  • Remove yellowish sweat stains by pouring liquid detergent or stain-removal product on the area before washing. Stubborn stains on areas such as the armpits would require scrubbing with a paste of baking soda and water using an old toothbrush. If sweat stains persist, try to dissolve aspirin in a cup of warm water. Pour the mixture on the area and leave overnight for complete absorption. Wash the clothes the next day with hot water.
  • Get rid of lingering odors from sweat by soaking the clothes in a solution of strong detergent powder and warm water for at least an hour before washing.
  • Wash clothes with mild detergent or a special cleansing agent specifically formulated for athletic wear. Be careful when using bleach. Do not use fabric conditioners as this may cause damage.
  • Dry athletic clothes on a clothing rack. Avoid air-drying clothes with elastic such as sports bras as this will cause the elastic to deteriorate.
  • For athletic shoes, scrub dull spots with liquid abrasive cleaner using an old toothbrush. A solution of powder abrasive cleaner and water may be used in replacement. Wipe down the shoe with a soft, damp cloth afterwards.
  • Keep foul odors at bay by pouring at least two tablespoons of baking soda on each shoe then leave overnight. Make sure that the powder is evenly distributed in the shoe. Shake or use a soft brush when taking out the baking soda.

As much as possible, wash or hand-rinse athletic wear immediately after every workout or training session. If not achievable, hang clothes and allow to completely dry down. Do not leave dirty clothes in the hamper or in the gym bag for any length of time to avoid staining the fabric from salt components in sweat.

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