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How to Clean Avent Pacifiers

Avent pacifiers are shaped like a nipple of a mother. It is used by a baby to help them sleep or serve as a toy in their mouth. A pacifier is made of a silicone or rubber and is one the most important things that babies need. Mothers must make sure it is well cleaned and germ-free to keep our babies away from infections that might get them sick in the future. There are ways to clean the avent pacifiers.

Here are the steps to be followed:

  1. Get lukewarm water, a small basin and a clean sponge.
  2. Pour lukewarm water in the avent pacifier and a little amount of soap in the sponge.
  3. Rub the avent pacifier with a circular motion until bubbles and foamy appears.
  4. Start then scrubbing the avent pacifiers with circular motion to make sure that there will be no smell or any bad odor may occur.
  5. Rinse with water until there is no soap you can feel or smell.
  6. Put then the avent pacifiers upside down on a drying rack where no insects, cockroaches, or rats can touch it.
  7. Let it dry for awhile on the drying rack. When everything is done, it is ready to use again with our babies.

Putting the avent pacifier in the steamer after cleaning can also be done to ensure it is properly sterilized. Pay special attention to the collar and nipple of the pacifier since milk and dirt residue might accumulate in these areas. Mothers must always ensure that babies receive the best protection against bacteria. So we make sure the avent pacifiers used must be cleaned well.

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