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How to Clean Azek Decking

Consumers who install decks on their homes prefer decks made of wood. But azek decking has a latest innovation by offering synthetic materials that can last a longer period of time. But either azek decking made of wood or plastic, cleaning must be done regularly. Molds and mildew build up on unclean decking.

The steps mentioned below are the guideline on how clean azek decking:

  • Azek decking made of wood or vinyl must be check regularly to see any problems or clean any dirt. Though synthetic decking are water and spills resistant, that doesn’t mean that it will not be cleanse.
  • The cleaning materials must be prepared beforehand to save time and energy. A broom must be ready because this will sweep out dirt as well as bucket filled with hot water, a soft brush, detergent soap, mop and a garden hose.
  • Cleaning materials are not necessarily new or expensive. Any household cleaning items will do. Any detergent soap or liquid will do as long as stains and other debris are removed. There is no specific cleaner but be careful in using bleach which contains chemicals.
  • Begin sweeping the deck using the broom. Start from the inner part of the house to the outer side. Using the soft brush scrub the decks surface to remove those unwanted dirt and debris. The brush must have long handles for reaching out all places.
  • After sweeping and brushing, rinse the deck with water using the garden hose. Pull the nozzle and spray all over until all the debris are flushed away. Add pressure to water to thoroughly remove all the dirt including molds and dust particles.
  • Mix the detergent soap or liquid in to the bucket filled with hit water. Cleaners come with different brands and claims as long a it can clean it is enough. When applying bleach, keep the plants nearby objects or furniture covered or protected. Bleach contains harsh chemicals that can cause chemical reactions.
  • Put the mop into the bucket with water and soap and start mopping the deck. Constantly mop the deck from front to back and all sides so that every dirt and molds are removed.
  • Rinse the decking with water using the garden hose. Apply pressure so that soap residues and molds will be removed faster. Allow the decking to dry or a towel can placed over to absorb excess.

Extra precautions must be applied in cleaning the decking especially with the ones made of wood. High water pressure and chemicals may not be good for wood decks. Unlike the synthetic ones which is suitable on both water and bleach. But proper cleaning tips must always be followed to ensure proper cleaning.

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