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How to Clean Azek Procell Decking

Azek Procell is a scratch resistant and water resistant PVC decking that is susceptible to molds but the materials used in this decking is made of vinyl making it a mold-resistant deck. Nevertheless, other molds and particles can still grow on vinyl if the surface is not clean. Even though molds and other fungi can not penetrate on the decking, it is still necessary to wash any dirt off.

Here are the steps on how to clean Azek Deck:

  • A regular check on the decking is necessary to ensure that the deck are still good and can last a longer period of time. This type of deck is not made of any wood or fiber making it a mildew-resistant deck and only a few basic cleaning tips is required to keep the azek looking new.
  • The materials needed for the cleaning are the ones that can be easily found in the households. Prepare broom for sweeping, a bucket, hot water, mild detergent, sponge or map, a garden hose and a soft brittle brush.
  • Materials should be ready before cleaning to save time and effort. Any detergent soap will do with the cleaning. Keep the cleaning procedure simple and affordable. No need to buy other cleaning stuffs. Being resourceful is the key to make the cleaning easy.
  • Get the broom and sweep off leaves, dirt and other debris off the procell decking. Using the garden hose rinse the deck with water. This will help remove all the suited dirt.
  • Fill the bucket with hot water. Add mild detergent soap on the water about 5 tablespoonfuls. Any cleaning soap can be use as a replacement. If there is a vinyl deck cleaner much better. All you need is follow the cleaning instructions. Mix the soap and water to make soapy water.
  • Get the sponge or mop and wet it with soapy water. Mop the deck slowly but continuously to remove all dirt and molds. If there are stubborn dirt, use the soft brittle brush and scrub it until completely removed.
  • Rinse the deck with water using the garden hose to remove residue and all the dirt. Allow the procell decking to dry.

Always be careful in cleaning with the azek deck. If using bleach make sure that plants and other furniture nearby is covered or protected. Bleach contains strong chemicals and precautions must be done to protect the deck and surroundings. Protect yourself in cleaning and constantly follow proper cleaning guidelines to ensure safety and thorough cleaning.

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