Battery Corrosion How To Clean

How to Clean Battery Corrosion

Most of us tend to leave batteries inside our gadgets or devices for a long period of time. Not knowing its implications, batteries may develop an acidic substance which is termed by many as battery corrosion. This substance usually comes in a grayish color. Everyone should be very careful when handling battery corrosion as it can possibly lead to various allergic reactions especially when it gets into our skin.

There are several steps to consider in cleaning corroded batteries. You need to protect yourself against direct skin contact. That is why some basic body substance isolation equipments are vital. You need to prepare your gloves and eye goggle. Also, you need to wear a disposable gown if you have or an old shirt that you won’t mind throwing it after cleaning.

Below are the instructions:

  • Get your protective equipments such as eye goggle, rubber gloves and disposable clothes. Wear them properly. These will protect you against the dangerous grayish substance.
  • Get a small glass and fill it with white vinegar. Fill the glass with 1 cup vinegar. This will serve as your cleaning solution. Get a cotton swab and dip it into the vinegar. Wipe the battery with the swab dipped into the vinegar. You may feel a slight fizz upon scrubbing the swab into the battery. Don’t worry about this as this is a natural reaction.
  • You may also use baking soda mixed with tap water. Get a container and fill in the baking soda and water. Use a clean cloth and baking soda solution in rubbing the battery part with the gray substance. To be safer, do this outside your house to avoid contaminating your sink.
  • After making sure that you have cleaned the battery, get another clean cloth and repeat the scrubbing motion in order to remove the baking soda solution. This time, you will dip it into clean water.
  • Get a dry cloth and wipe the battery and allow it to dry.
  • Remove your protective equipments and discard your gloves in a garbage can. Don’t forget to remove your used clothes before strolling around the house.

Do not touch any chalky substance from the battery. This is an acid and it might burn your hands. Protective devices are very helpful in cleaning battery corrosion. Keep in mind to wash your hands after cleaning the battery. Wash your hands after removing your gloves. In addition, make sure that the batteries are completely dry before putting it back inside your gadgets. Mild base like baking soda are the most ideal solution in cleaning batteries. When the whitish material touches your skin or other portal of entry in the body, wash them thoroughly in running water for 5 to 10 minutes. Seek medical advice once allergic reactions are present.


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