Belly Button How To Clean

How to Clean Your Belly Button

Belly button or otherwise known as umbilicus or navel are quite perceptible in humans. Basically, this is a vital area that reminds us of our close attachment towards our mother. It is also said to be our primary scar. This is cut in place after birth and heals itself few weeks after. Dirt can easily accumulate the navel because it is a hollow part and sometimes we fail to clean them.

It is important to keep our navels clean. Some people say that navels reflect how we take good care of our body. I am pretty sure you will definitely want your navel to be free from dirt. Dark navels with obvious lint look so terrible. It looks brownish in color and typically smells very bad. Cleaning a navel takes few minutes only. It is best to clean your navel after taking a bath.

How to Clean Your Belly Button

The things that you will need are cotton swab, baby oil and alcohol. Here are the few steps in cleaning your belly button.

  • First is to gather the necessary equipments. Prepare your bed and lie down into a semi fowler’s position 45 degrees angle.
  • Get the baby oil and let flow at least 2 drops into your belly button. Leave the oil inside your belly for 10 to 15 minutes. The baby oil is a gentle product that facilitates easy removal of dirt inside the navel.
  • Get a piece of cotton swab and gently rub it in a circular motion. Bellybutton is highly sensitive. Avoid pushing the cotton swab further down the navel because it may injure the area.
  • If your cotton swab is already filled with dirt, get another swab and repeat the gentle rubbing motion until there is no more lint left.
  • Some navels smell bad. For this case, make use of an alcohol or any gentle hygiene solution.

Your navel comprises thin and soft skin. Thus, you should avoid pushing the cotton swab too hard as this may injure the soft spot. In some cases, especially those with sensitive skin, avoid using alcohol as this may cause irritation around the umbilicus and rashes may appear on the surrounding spot. You can use water in lieu of alcohol if you have sensitive skin. There are also solutions available in the market which is intended for cleaning the navel. Make sure that the chemicals used are mild and won’t further damage the navel. Feminine wash can also be use as a navel cleaner. Most importantly, avoid using sharp things to get the dirt out.

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