Bike Chain How To Clean

How to Clean a Bike Chain

Most of us still enjoy strolling around the street using bicycle. You can do this either in the morning or in the afternoon as part of your daily exercise. But before biking, make sure that your bicycle is totally clean. One thing to look into is the bicycle chain. Cleaning a bicycle chain can be achieved in a small period of time. The cleaning materials can easily be found. Other cleaning solutions are also applicable. But for you to save money, it is good to go for materials available at home.

The things that you will need in cleaning bicycle are an old brush, a container or pail, liquid soap, old cloth, toothpick, olive oil, rubber gloves (optional) and clean rag.

Here are the simply steps in cleaning your bicycle chain:

  • Put on your rubber gloves as this will protect your hands from getting grease.
  • Place an old cloth on the area where you will clean the chain. Carefully remove the bicycle chain and place it into the old cloth so as not to stain the area.
  • Get your pail or any container and fill in water in moderate amount. Add your liquid soap and mix thoroughly. This will then serve as your cleaning solution.
  • Get the chain and place it inside your pail with soapy solution. Allow it to soak for several minutes to remove debris. Soaking the chain allows to loosen dirt.
  • After soaking for several minutes, scrub the chain carefully using your old brush and remove any dirt that penetrates your bike chain.
  • If the bike chain is completely clean, wash it thoroughly with water.
  • Wipe the chain using your rag or any dry old cloth.
  • Leave the chain for 15 minutes or until completely dry.
  • After making sure that the chain has dried, put oil into the chain. Toothpick can help best in dropping oil on the chain piece.
  • After lubricating the bike chain, wipe spill oils and place back the chain into the bike.

There are several cleaning solutions for bicycle chain available in the market. You can purchase any cleaning solution as long as it does not contain ammonia. Ammonia is unhealthy with strong odd odor. Make sure to read the chemical content of your cleaning solution before buying it. Also, don’t forget to lubricate the bike every after cleaning. This will help the chain to function back.


Video: How To Clean, Degrease and Lube a Bike Chain

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