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How to Clean Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks are known to manufacture shoes and home essentials that are made out of special materials like leather, suede and the like. It is a common knowledge that cleaning leather-made shoes has so many precautionary steps to do with. Like for example you need to check first if the leather your shoes is made up of will tolerate the kind of cleaning you are planning to make.

For Birkenstock cleaning:

  • There is a specific solution that can be bought in stores where Birkenstock items are being sold, the Birkenstock Leather Lotion. It is formulated for Birkenstock shoes and all kinds of leather the known manufacturer produces to the feet market. If the said lotion is unavailable in your area, a general leather cleaning solution will do.
  • Wipe it on gently on your Birkenstock’s outer layer and see the miracle. The lotion or any leather lotion enhances any shoe color.
    *But if the color is not your concern, and then a short dip to a warm tap water is a must for you pair. Leather should not be soaked in water for it will easily wear off.
  • As a general rule or a common tip, leather things need a simple damping with a wet or moist cloth on their surfaces.
  • A pressured rub will help you take off the compelling suds to separate from your precious ones.
  • If the dirt is still stubborn, a simple and soft brushing with soft bristles will do a lot of help.
  • Mild detergents could be used but not that much for it will contaminate your shoes by its scents, will stick on to the walls of your foot covers and later give you a stubborn foot odor.
  • Dry cleaning Birkenstocks is still an accepted practice. Too much heat or direct rays from the sun will force the leather to wrinkle. If wet Birkenstocks are left in a damp area, its leather will build up molds, hold unpleasant odors and collect bacteria.
  • Proper ventilation is needed in cleaning shoes that are made from leather and anything that comes from animals.

Please do note that:

  • Simple strokes using damp cloths and a soft bristled brush with unscented bubbly soaps will do.

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