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How to Clean BMW Leather Seats

Leather is known to be the same as the human skin because it has pores in which oil and dirt could accumulate. And if left unattended this could lead to a crack which is a serious problem. BMW seats must be cleaned and maintained.

Here are the tips on how to clean BMW leather seats:

  • In cleaning leather seats, prepare a brush, sponge, mild soap, and a micro fiber cloth. Check the leather seats and look for cracks and other unusual changes so that other materials may also be prepared.
  • Oil and grease on the seats are caused by oil accumulation to the leather. It is important that these particles must be removed. It is better to use a spray when doing this. Fill the spray container with water. Put some mild soap or a mild liquid or powder soap to be easily mixed. Avoid using harsh chemicals in cleaning.
  • To remove all the dust, dirt and grease get the brush and mild soap and start scrubbing the leather seats. Do not use strong force when doing this. Just make sure that all the dirt will be totally removed. Then immediately wipe the seats using the micro fiber cloth. Wet the cloth with water to rinse off the residue.
  • Do the same on the rest of the leather seats by following the same cleaning steps mentioned. It is important to wipe the seats after brushing at once to prevent particles accumulation in the leather pores.
  • Don’t forget to moisturize using a leather moisturizer that is available in any local car shops and supply outlets. For an alternative, use a topical moisturizer found in your households. It doesn’t require any brands, just check the label to see if it is safe to use.
  • Dab a small amount of moisturizer to the seats using the sponge. Make sure to evenly moisturize the seats and wipe off excess moisturizer. To ensure smoothness and for deep moisturizing leave it for an hour.
  • Reapply the product if the leather is still dry and leave it for another hour. Again, wipe off excess moisturizer.
  • Do this routine cleaning once a month using safe cleaning tools a good moisturizer. So that crack and dryness can be prevented and leather seats smoothness will be maintained.

The importance of cleaning and moisturizing is emphasized so that leather seats will not crack easily due to dryness. Do not use strong cleaning chemical or bleach to prevent any discolorations. If a crack has occurred or there is a tear in the seat, it needs another care and advised to see a consultant for repair. Always take good care of your car and its parts to so that it can be used for many years to come.

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