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How to Clean Cellular Shade

Cellular shade can be a good form of interior house décor. It serves various functions in your home such as providing shade and also gives you privacy. However, it is more prone to dust and dirt particle as it is proximal to your window. Proper maintenance should be established because having dirty cellular shade isn’t appealing at all and is very unhealthy. Dusty cellular shade triggers allergic reactions particularly allergic rhinitis. Aside from this, it also reflects your personality. It is a bit challenging to clean cellular shade but you should have patience and hard work if you want to maintain its clean visual entity.

The things that you will need are feather duster, dry towel, bucket, cotton cloth, liquid soap and tap water. Here are the steps in keeping cellular shade clean and appealing.

  • First thing to note is to remove dust particles. You can do this by using a feather duster.
  • Remove the cellular shade on its place to have more access in cleaning. You can perform the cleaning process in your sink or bathroom.
  • Make a light cleaning solution. Get a bucket and fill in water. Add your liquid soap and stir properly.
  • Dip your cotton cloth into your soapy solution and gently wipe the cellular shade.
  • Be very careful in wiping cellular shade as they can be easily folded.
  • Leave the soapy solution for few minutes allowing the soapy solution to loosen the dirt.
  • Brush of the shade with your cotton cloth in a gentle motion. Make sure to properly remove any dirt or stain.
  • Wash the cellular shade with warm water and pat dry using a dry soft towel.
  • Hang the cellular blinds and allow it to dry for few hours.
  • After it has dried, place it back to the window.

Some cellular shades can be soaked with water. Doing this can be very convenient and saves time. Avoid using harsh cleaning solution in cleaning cellular shade as this may damage the coat of your shade. If using a soapy solution does not remove the stain, you can call for professional cleaners to help remove any spot. One disadvantage in seeking help to professional cleaner is that it cost a lot of money. Avoid using bleach or cleaning solutions with ammonia content. Ammonia is very harmful to your health once inhaled and it also leaves strong odor with your cellular shade.

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