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How to Clean a Citrine

Citrine which is a quartz crystal is commonly found in Brazil. It is widely used due to its hardness and glossy appearance. It comes in a pale yellow to brown hue that is suited for fashion wardrobe. However, just like other gems, it can also get dirty and grimy. Proper cleaning is important in order to maintain its shiny yellowish appearance. Cleaning citrine is easy and fast as long as you’re knowledgeable with the right cleaning process.

The things that you will need are jeweler’s ammonia solution, microfiber cloth or soft cotton cloth, soft bristle brush, glass bowl and warm water.

Here are the steps in cleaning citrine:

  • Purchase a jewelry cleaning solution in a jewelry shop. This is a safe solution in cleaning grimes on the surface of your gems. Most jewelry shop will give you jeweler’s ammonia as a cleaning agent. A jeweler’s ammonia is gentle to use than regular ammonia solution.
  • Get a glass bowl and pour in your jeweler’s solution in moderate amount and add warm water.
  • Immerse your citrine gems for 2 to 4 hours. This helps loosen dirt build ups on the surface of the stone. It is more ideal to soak your citrine in a glass bowl with jeweler’s ammonia overnight.
  • Remove the solution and rinse your citrine with warm running water. Make certain to remove any residue.
  • Scrub the surface of the citrine with a soft cotton cloth or a soft bristle brush. Use a gentle circular motion is scrubbing your citrine as it is very delicate. Avoid using forward and backward motion is scrubbing as you may damage the citrine.
  • Wash your citrine again with warm running water to perfectly remove dirt and grime.
  • Wipe the gem with a dry microfiber cloth or a soft cotton cloth. Do not allow the gem to air dry as it can leave spots on the area and makes your citrine foggy. Wipe the surface properly until completely dry.

It is best to keep your citrine clean and shiny. For proper citrine maintenance, clean your citrine jewelry at least twice a month using your jewelry cleaner. Regular ammonia is not ideal as it is a hard chemical and can make your citrine look dull and cloudy.

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