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Your Methods of Carpet Cleaning Vary Because of Many Factors
You may have jumped on the band wagon after seeing beautiful pictures of tile or hardwood flooring in a magazine. You tore out your carpet and installed a glossy new floor.
You may have gone to bed happy with your choice, but on the first cold morning when your feet hit the floor, you decided it was time to buy a nice area rug. It is common to
have carpet in parts of the house and rugs in others. This leaves the home owner trying to find the best way to clean both carpets and rugs. For regular cleaning, a good vacuum that transitions automatically between different piles of carpet and hard flooring is convenient and keeps all of your floors clean, extending their new look. For deep
cleaning, you may not realize that there are not only differences between cleaning carpets and rugs, but further differences because of the types, quality, and age of the carpets and rugs.

Looking to Professional Cleaners and Equipment
A wall to wall carpet is generally tacked to the floor, limiting the type of cleaning. A cleaning system must be brought to the house. In some ways it can be easier to do
this type of cleaning because there is no transport of the carpet and no fringes to be cleaned by hand, as with some rugs. You can hire professional carpet cleaners, being careful to choose someone who can tailor the method of cleaning to meet your needs. Make sure that
they use carpet cleaning products that are compatible with your carpet and any allergies or sensitivities your family has. You may also purchase or rent an extraction machine
to do it yourself. If you choose to do it yourself, be sure to spot test your carpet in an inconspicuous place before you do the whole floor. Some machines are better for in
between cleaning. If you use this type of extraction, be sure to deep clean with a heavy duty rented machine or a visit from a professional cleaner
on occasion.

Rug Cleaning Differs
Rugs must be carefully evaluated before you decide on a rug cleaning method.
There are so many kinds of rugs and they require different cleaning methods. A new rug made from synthetic fibers will stand up to rigorous cleaning, while an antique rug may
need to be treated with extreme care. There are ‘do it yourself’ methods
for cleaning rugs. Be aware that cleaning rugs yourself takes some research and spot testing. You must be careful not to use cleaning products that will cause premature
wear or otherwise damage your rug. A key to successful cleaning is proper and thorough drying. Professional rug cleaners may clean your rug at home or clean it at their facility. Often times they prefer to clean in house so that they can hang the rugs in
special rooms designed for drying the rugs. If you have trouble keeping people from walking on your rugs with dirty feet while they dry, in house cleaning may be the best
thing for you. Your carpets won’t be placed back on the floor until they are fully dry.

For those of us who have both rugs and carpets, we need to evaluate each and choose a carpet cleaning method that is effective and convenient for us. You may want to use the
same method for your entire house, or vary methods from room to room to best care for your rugs or carpets.

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