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How to Clean Clear Retainers

Retainers or orthodontics are important to people who want to straighten their teeth after using dental braces. However, wearing a retainer also means taking special attention to proper cleaning as it easily traps saliva and other elements that trigger bacteria build up. Having a dirty retainer can also result to bad breath. You are also at a high risk of developing fungal infection like oral thrush and other infections that could affect your throat and digestive tract.

The things that you will need in cleaning clear retainers are mouthwash, dental cleaner, a small bowl, toothbrush, toothpaste and water.

Here are the instructions:

  • Gather the necessary materials. Take off your retainer, rinse it with running water and set aside in a clean place.
  • Get your bowl and pour in your dental cleaner solution. Pour in an adequate amount to submerge the retainer.
  • Leave your retainer in the bowl (with dental cleaner) for 15 to 20 minutes or until the dirt has loosen up.
  • Brush your retainer with toothbrush and toothpaste. Make sure to remove food particles that are trapped inside.
  • After removing all dirt build-up, wash your retainer with tap water.
  • Get another bowl and pour in your ideal mouthwash just enough to soak your retainer. It is best to use alcohol free mouthwash.
  • Let it sit for at least 3 hours or more. You can also soak it overnight for a better germ killing action.
  • Rinse your retainer with tap water. Now it’s ready to use.

It is highly suggested to brush your teeth as well as your retainer every after eating. This can prevent plaque buildup and can make your cleaning easier. Soaking method with dental cleaner and mouthwash can be done at least once a day. If you’re unsure on proper cleaning procedure, seek direct advice from your dentist. Avoid using hot water or boiling as heat application can distort your retainer and will become ineffective in re-aligning your teeth. Don’t use strong mouthwash or dental cleaners with alcohol content as they can permanently damage your retainer.

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Essix Retainers – How to Clean Tuesday 12th of April 2011
[…] Retainers are mainly used to reposition your tooth alignment. For those people who are not satisfied to their teeth’s alignment and position, they submit themselves to their dentist. Retainers are commonly made up of wires or plastic that is custom-made that functions in holding the teeth in a position right after a surgery or any method. Retainers are advised to be worn at night and worn as you will be eating too. There are three types of retainers, the Hawley, essix and bonded retainers. Essix is a brand name that is being associated with VFR or the vacuum formed retainer. It is a clear and transparent that is produced from mold. Essix are worn 24 hours and it has the fastest effect among the other types of retainers. It is also less expensive and much easier to be worn than the Hawley retainers. The goal of cleaning your essix is to prevent you from having cavities or plaques. It is true that essix has the high risk of acquiring cavities and plaques because it is worn 24 hours or the whole day. It is very important for you to be guided on the proper way on how you clean your essix retainers in order to achieve your goal of zero cavities and plaques. Here is a simple procedure for you to be guided. […]

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