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How to Clean a CMOS Sensor Canon

Canon has succeeded in producing quality gadgets and high end devices like digital cameras, printers, video recorder, DSLR to name a few. In fact, Canon has created the largest CMOS sensor available in the market today. With the use of the CMOS sensor, clear and high quality images are produced. One problem though is when dirt and dust starts to accumulate due to constant use. Therefore it must be cleaned and regularly checked.

These are the ways on how to clean the CMOS canon sensor:

  • Determine the need for cleaning. To check on how dirty the lens is, take a shot from any angle using the camera. Set the settings on focus or macro mode. You can see if its dirty because there will be spots or lines.
  • If you are not familiar with the cleaning process better leave the device into professional hands.
  • Canon recommends using tools that are fit for the device. Use a blower bulb, brush and swab to clean the sensor.
  • Do not use canned air in using a blower for this matter. It may freeze the sensor which could lead to damage. Blow air from the bulb blower to remove the dust in the sensor.
  • After the blower, use a sensor brush that has static ends to effectively remove dust and particles just by its tip. But be careful to use the right sensor brush. It must have soft ends so that it won’t scratch the sensor.
  • To finally clean it, use a moist swab. This swab has methanol that aids in cleaning without leaving any residue. But be careful upon using a swab, since it is moist; only a minimal amount of wetness is needed to get rid of the dust. Do not get the sensor wet.
  • Do not scrub the swab. Just wipe it gently and slowly. To know more about cleaning swabs, they are available in the market or gadget shops. You can buy a special cleaning swab for this matter.
  • Rap the cleaning by wiping it off using a micro fiber cloth to remove excess wetness and dirt. And check the camera’s function after the lens and sensor are re-attached.

Cleaning doesn’t need to be complicated as long as you are following the right cleaning tips provided. Cleaning a delicate device also needs a good pair of hands to prevent further damage. If you do not have experience in cleaning a canon sensor, allow someone to handle the job. And use only the recommended cleaning products.

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