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How to Clean a Coach Purse

In cleaning your coach purse, you need to follow some important tips. Even though your purse is made of leather or fabric, these important tips will help you know how to clean your coach purse properly.

  • Remove all coins, accessories, make-ups and everything that is inside your purse. Always see to it that nothing left inside before cleaning.
  • Use a fabric softener when cleaning your purse. Get a piece of clean cloth, pour an amount of fabric softener on the cloth and gently wipe it all over the purse. If possible, do not rub it with the liquids dripping, just pour exact amount that will make the cloth wet enough. While rubbing, make sure that you wipe away all small dirt that stick to corners of your bag. After such, get another piece of clean cloth and wipe away those wet residues. If possible, do not allow the inner part of your purse to become wet because you will find it hard to dry the inside portion.
  • Facial cleanser is also a good choice in cleaning your coach purse. This will absorb all the small dirt on your bag and will even give nice fragrant.
  • If you do not want to try these solutions, you can simply buy purse cleaner on any stores and do the same procedure. Make sure that after wiping or rubbing your bag with these materials put it in front of an electric fan to dry away the moist.

Different coach cleaners are being sold in the market today. Most of them cost only $8-$15. Although taking the natural way is cheaper, it is still advisable to use a coach cleaner for safe cleaning.

Additional tips in cleaning your coach purse if it is made of suede are:

  • Make sure to include the suede care kit in buying a Suede coach purse. This type of bag has a care kit that is included in the package. We know that suede material is quite delicate. That is why, a buyer should look if a suede care kit accompanies the suede bag that she purchased.
  • Use the kit in cleaning the bag. Suede care kit has everything in it that will help you maintain the elegant look of this bag.
  • If you happened to buy one without the kit, it is important to go back to the store where you bought the purse and ask them the care kit. Every suede coach purse has its own suede care kit.
  • Do not buy a second hand purse if possible.

Coach purses have different materials and are of good quality. That is why making it clean always will maintain its durability. Women who have several coach purses in their cabinets usually use water and mild soap in cleaning it in case they ran out of coach cleaners. This seems to be the safest way in cleaning a purse, as they already know the quality of these bags.

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