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How to Clean a CPU Fan

A CPU fan is a very important peripheral for your computer because it is responsible for CPU’s proper ventilation to make sure that it will always be in its cool state. A dusty and dirty CPU fan can cause overheating of the CPU, this will in turn create damages and weaken the performance and working quality of the computer. You have to regularly clean your CPU fan to avoid the over buildup of the dust and dirt on it.

Here are the simple steps to clean the fan of your CPU:

  1. Turn off your computer and disconnect all the cables and cords from your CPU. Place your CPU on a stable and sturdy platform.
  2. Open the casing of your CPU. To do this, unbolt the screws you will find at the back of your CPU. If you are not so sure in doing it, consult your computer manual first and read on the specific instructions on how to unscrew your CPU casing appropriately.
  3. Once you unscrew the CPU, slide down the computer casing so you can have access to the motherboard and the CPU. Remove the static discharge of your body first by rubbing your hands against some metal area of your computer. Follow this method before you start working on with the internal parts of the computer to ensure safety.
  4. If you see huge and thick formation of dusts and dirt on your CPU, remove them by picking it up manually using your fingers.
  5. To clean the CPU blades, get a cotton swab and a compressed or canned air first. Wipe away the dirt that accumulated on the blades by gently rubbing it with cotton swabs. Use the compressed air to blow away the dust that formed on the fan. Do not use the compressed air very closely to the CPU fan. Position yourself two or three inches away from the fan. You also need to make sure that the fan will not spin too much while you are blowing the compressed air.
  6. If your computer has an intake fan, blow the compressed air to it to remove more dusts from your CPU fan.
  7. Blow the canned air to the blades from the back area of the exhaust fan. To get best cleaning results, direct the blow of the air slightly lower than the center of the fan or in the area where the motor meets the assembly of the fan. Do this process until you are satisfied with the results.

When using canned air to clean your CPU fan, make sure that you use it in its upright position. Strictly avoid using the compressed air in its upside-down position because the liquid it contains may suddenly drip onto your CPU, which can cause more damages. Dust in the CPU fan is one of the major threats to the optimum working condition of your CPU and your whole computer as well. It is always best that you regularly make time to open up your CPU and clean the fan and its other internal components.

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