Crab How To Clean

How to Clean a Crab

A crab is one of the most delicious seafood delicacies popular in most parts of the world. Several countries have their original recipe in cooking crabs. However, most people do not like eating crabs because they find it very difficult and messy to eat. Opening the hard shell of the crab can already be difficult, and once you open it, you have to use your bare hands in picking out the meat from the crab.

For those who are already used to eating crabs, getting the meat in perfect chunk is easy, but for beginners it can be terribly difficult.

There are several ways to clean and cook the crab. Some recipes cook the crabs while still in its hard shell and some recipes need to clean the crab first before finally putting them in a cooking pot. Before cleaning them, you can choose to boil them very fast in a pot first or you can just clean them while still fresh.

Here are the procedures to clean your crab effectively:

  1. Wash your hands first and wear gloves to ensure safety and sanitation before and while cleaning the crab.
  2. Put the crab on a flat surface or on a kitchen table. Make sure that the crab’s belly is facing you.
  3. Pull off the belly flap part of the crab, also famous as the ‘apron.’ You can easily distinguish it because its shape is triangular.
  4. Remove the hard-shelled back of the crab by turning it over first. Hold its base by inserting your thumb in between the shell and the crab’s body. Pull the shell up away from the crab’s body.
  5. Scrape out the gills of the crab using a spoon or your thumbs. You also have to pull out the intestines located at the center of the back of the crab.
  6. You will notice the yellowish substance inside the crab. You can choose to keep it because it is delectable or you can just throw them out.
  7. Twist the claws and the legs of the crabs to remove them from the body. You can crack open the shells of the leg part by using a nutcracker or hammering it with a small mallet.
  8. Gently take out the meat from the crab’s legs.
  9. Pick out the meat of the crab by using your fingers, fork, a pick or a crab claw. It is your choice. Get ready to be messy when cleaning a crab. Dig out the meat in whatever style you feel comfortable to do it.
  10. Pull the small paddles and discard them when cleaning your crabmeat.

Cleaning crabs may take up some of your time, but once you get to taste it, all the effort you have done will surely be all worth it. When cooking crab, especially if you have already cleaned them and taken out all the meat, make sure not to overcook it. The meat of the crab can be very soft and it might loosen and break apart in much smaller pieces.


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