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How to Clean a Cycling Jersey

Health-conscious people check their daily routine from time to time. They make sure that their activities should be something that is healthy aside from entertaining. Among the physical activities that they make sure is part of their to-do list is any of the following: jogging, walking, biking, playing different sports or any other deeds that will help improve their blood circulation which is believed to be of great help in maintaining one’s body equilibrium.

However, the good effects one can get from those activities can only be fully achieved if you are equipped with the right outfit and tools. These things are readily available in the market so it is not something that you need to be worried of. What you need to always remember is how to take good care of those stuffs for you don’t want to buy new gears from time to time, right? Aside from taking good care of it, you should also be knowledgeable enough on how to clean it properly since dirt is something that you can’t get rid of.

So, to avoid spending big amount of money replacing your stuffs, you better put these easy steps on a place where you can easily see it to remind you of the things that you should be doing from now on.

  • When you have just arrived home, your cycling outfit is sure to be so wet due to your sweat. Before damping it together with your dirty clothes you better hang it first somewhere where it can be dried by the air.
  • Do not wear you jersey again a day after you have used it without washing. You might be tempted to wear it again thinking that everything will be okay since you followed the first step, well then you need to know that it isn’t the right thing to do. Better buy a few pair of jerseys to keep you from doing this so.
  • Use specialized kind of detergents that is made for jerseys since these kind of cleaning agents can effectively remove odor from your suit.
  • You can use isopropyl alcohol to lessen the odor. Just make sure it won’t make the color of your jersey fade.
  • Do not put your jersey in a dryer. This kind of clothing is made up of synthetics that will surely be damaged if put into a dryer. So better hang your suit in an area and let it dry naturally to avoid further dilemmas.
  • If you are too lazy to follow and remember these steps, you can replace your synthetic jersey with the one made of wool. This kind of garment can be worn for a few times without you needing to wash it all the time. This practice is possible because wool is proven to be resistive when it comes to body odors.

The easy steps are now given to you. The only thing that you need to do now is to remember those things. Enjoy every moment of your hobby and never let that odor ruin your daily routine.

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