Cylinder How To Clean

The cylinder head is the one that sits above the engine block and consist of platform containing part of the combustion outlet and it is where the valves and sparks located. To make the cylinder head perform better, a regular cleaning must be done to let the air flow into it and perform its best because it is the key for the engine to perform better.

These are the ways on how to clean the Cylinder head:

  • Prepare the materials needed for cleaning. A socket set, carburetor cleaner, compressed air, clean rags and a flat screw driver are the essential cleaning tools to clean the cylinder head.
  • Remove the manifold and valve cover using the socket set. The cylinder head must be removed from it. Make sure that the cylinder head is cooled and not hot because this can cause damage.
  • Inspect the cylinder head for cracks or other problems to anticipate any further cleaning and fixing. Once inspection is done and there are no damages seen start the cleaning process.
  • Using the B12 Chemtool Carburetor cleaner, spray the solution into the cylinder head and pay attention to sides and the passages cast on the head. The coolant and oil passages must be cleaned and spray most of the cleaner unto it.
  • Get the clean rag and wipe the cylinder head. Any debris and other particles must be removed by scraping them off using a screw driver. Compressed air must be sprayed on the coolant and oil passages to thoroughly removed debris and dirt.
  • Spray again the B12 chemcool carburetor cleaner on the whole cylinder head until it is visibly clean. Examine the head if there are no traces of dirt or other residue left behind. Dry the cylinder head using the clean rags to remove excess water.
  • Ensure that all the cylinder head parts are clean. Check if the bolt’s hole and blocks are dry enough. This will prevent damages on the bolts if tightened.
  • Install back the cylinder head. Some companies or manufacturers would advise to use of the sealant prior to installation. Note that all of the cylinder’s holes are aligned. Inspect and adjust for completely install back the cylinder head.

Always check the cylinder before and after cleaning to see any dirt and problems. Do not tap the cylinder head to remove all the dirt and dust because the dirt inside may not be seen and cleaned which can cause trouble to the oil and coolant passages. Always ask for professional help if there are further problems encountered with the cylinder head.

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