DLP Mirrors Are The Most Important Part Of The DLP Projector

DLP or Digital Light Processing is a technology used in video projectors and of some televisions. This was created by Texas Instruments and started its technology in 1987. This type of processing technology is used in television and on some projectors. This is actually a competitor of plasma TV or those equipments with LCD. In fact, this is considered one of the leading technologies nowadays.

A DLP projector has small mirrors included that are placed in front of the projector’s lens to adjust the light or to move the picture. If you have been into a presentation in your company or even in school, you will notice the person in front (doing the presentation) moving the picture screen by using the projector beside him.

That is mainly the purpose of the mirror, to adjust the reflection of the video or picture showed to a huge number of people in front. This kind of technology is invented to accommodate all the people inside a function hall or a conference room, in order for them to see clearly the pictures cannot seen by just using an ordinary TV or monitor. Together with the DLP projector, its lenses and other attached equipment, a DLP mirror also needs a regular maintenance. Cleaning your DLP mirror is the same with cleaning your lens. Simply follow the manual guide or if not, you may try the following:

  • Remove the mirror from your projector by using the guide in your manual. Some can remove it easily but it depends on what type of projector you use.
  • After that, pull out the small mirrors inside and wipe them with clean microfiber cloth and DLP lens cleaner. This can wipe out all dust and dirt that accumulate inside the mirror for few days.
  • Keep doing the same procedure until you will see no dust bug anymore.
  • Remember to apply this procedure with extra care and be gentle in rubbing the dirt around it.
  • Wipe the mirrors with another clean cloth and make sure that there is no dirt left around it.
  • Let it dry for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Once you are done, put back the mirrors inside your DLP projector.

After cleaning your DLP mirror, the result should become clearer. You will see that the dust bug you have seen before is removed and there are no visible residues left. All dirt and debris inside your projector will become more noticeable if you will not spend few minutes of your time cleaning your DLP mirrors. Mirrors will show everything that the projector needs to show including the dust inside. Therefore, cleaning it regularly is recommended because a clearer picture relies on the projector’s mirror. Although removing the mirrors from your projector is a bit delicate thing however, you should take note that once you forgot to clean it, the dust bugs inside will become clearer and clearer each presentation you do. Always remember that in every job or task, everything must work out well for you to become effective and successful.

Video: How Digital Light Processing (DLP) works

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