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How to Clean a Dryer

Dryers allow us to dry our clothes fast, but improperly handled dryers may cause a fire. Some particle build ups in the dryer and its exhaust can cause problems. It will block air flow thus preventing the clothes from drying. This can cause excessive build up of heat which can result in a fire. Dryers should be cleaned regularly to prevent any household accidents.

The guidelines below are the steps on how to clean a dryer:

  • Removing different kinds of dirt in the dryer requires different kinds of cleaning tools. However, these are the basic cleaning materials needed. Prepare cleaning rags, spray, detergent soap, 2 basin filled with water, plastic spatula and a dryer.
  • Before cleaning, unplug the dryer if it is connected to an electrical outlet. Never clean the dryer while the plug is attached to the outlet.
  • In removing crayon/s from the dryer, check the drum on where the crayon is stuck. If there are chunks of crayons, remove it using a spatula. Scrape all the crayon particles until completely removed.
  • Do not spray the cleaning solution into the dryer, instead spray it on the rag and wipe the dryer. Rub the areas that are stained with crayon marks. Wet another rag and this time with soapy water. Mix the detergent soap with water. And wash the interior with clean water. Dry the area by using another dry rag.
  • In removing ink from the dryer, spray an ample amount of cleaning solution into the rag and wipe off the stain. Do not apply the cleaning solution directly on the dryer.
  • Rub the rag into the stain until it is removed. If the stain won’t come off, use a rubbing alcohol. Place a small amount unto the rag and start scrubbing the stain until it’s gone. Wet the drum with clean water and let it dry.
  • If a candy or gum is inside the dryer, remove it first by using a blow dryer. This will help soften the gum or candy. And once it’s soft enough, scrape it using a spatula.
  • Apply cleaner into the rag and wipe off the gum stains. Scrub any remaining stains until all residue are removed. Dry the interior using a clean rag.

After cleaning and removing all the stains, test the dryer to see if it functions well. Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals on the dryer. The dryer including the interior parts should be regularly cleaned so that there would be no build up of particles and debris.

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