Dryer Vent How To Clean

How to Clean a Dryer Vent

A dryer can be a fire hazard at home due to lint buildups in the surface of the dryer vent. Lint can burst quickly into flames if there is inadequate air circulation. Proper cleaning is crucial so as to avoid dryer fire incident.

The things that you will need are screw driver, new vent clamp, vent cover and wire hanger.

Here are the important steps in cleaning dryer vent:

  • Unplug electrical connections before cleaning the vent. If you’re using a gas dryer, turn off the gas. Move the dryer about 2 feet away from the wall.
  • Unscrew the vent clamp with a screwdriver and set it aside. Vent clamp is mostly located at the back of the dryer.
  • Remove lint build up from your dryer vent. Lint build up may also accumulate at the back of the dryer but are mostly found at the end of the dryer vent hose. You can use a wire coat hanger in removing huge amount of lint particles. Straighten your wire hanger and push the lint away.
  • Change the clamp of the vent and place the dryer back to its original location.
  • Take off vent cover by going outside the house and scrape away debris around the vent cover. Use a wire hanger again in removing lint from the inner hole.
  • Slide the dryer vent tube back in place and change the vent cover.
  • After making sure that your vent dryer is clean, plug your dryer back. For gas dryer, you can turn the gas on after cleaning.
  • Test the dryer by running it for several minutes in order to make certain that the air is not obstructed.

Cleaning dryer vent doesn’t require expensive maintenance. You can clean the vent every year or 2. Avoid using a lint door trap kit or a tub of water as this can be a serious health issue. It can produce molds on the area and peel off paint wall.

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