DSLR Lenses How To Clean

How to Clean DSLR Lenses

DSLR or digital SLR cameras are new innovations for the changing photography world. This has replaced the cameras that use films. It will capture high quality images that can be stored in a memory disk. However, dust, dirt and smudges could get into the lenses and will affect the quality of the images. The lenses must be clean. This is important to professional photographers to capture the images they like.

These are the ways on how clean DSLR lenses:

  • Cleaning the DSLR lenses could be risky and tricky. There are lens cleaning kits available on the market but some photographers don’t really rely on these items. The lenses are very delicate and it needs proper cleaning and maintenance.
  • Before the cleaning the lenses, check first the products that could harm the lenses under any circumstances:
    • Avoid using canned air or compressed air because it will damage the lens coating. It might have liquid that comes out when spraying which could be the reason of damage.
    • Tissue paper and kitchen towels are not advisable because it has wood fibers that will harm and scratch the lenses.
    • Cleaners that contain ammonia should not be use because it might harm the lens’ coating and also cleaners that don’t have ingredients list. This might be risky in the cleaning part.
    • Tap water, bottled water, window cleaners and anti-fog products don’t suit with the camera lenses. It is better to purchase the right cleaning tools for the lenses.
  • Remove dust and other particles in the lenses by using a static brush. A good quality blower bulb can also be use in removing those particles. The static brush will pick small particles to completely get rid off them from the lenses.
  • If there are smudges on the lenses, remove it using a liquid chemical cleaner and a non-abrasive wipes. Choose only a chemical cleaner that is safe for the lenses.
  • Fold the non-abrasive wipes and apply 2 drops of cleaner. Wipe the lenses gently in circular motion until it is clean enough. Use another dry wipe to clean the lenses to completely dry it out.
  • Make sure that all residues are removed. Wipe the lenses again if necessary.

If there are other problems other than dirt like scratches or damages, do not attempt to repair it. Hand it over to professionals and to the manufacturer. Avoid using products that are not recognized to be safe in cleaning the lenses.

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