DSLR Sensor How To Clean

The digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera sensor is the new modern film for the camera and cyber world. The DSLR sensor captures the light that enters the DSLR lenses to create an image that can be transferred to an internal or external memory.

How To Clean DSLR Sensor

Just like any other film, the DSLR sensor can also be susceptible to dust and dirt. These sensors are delicate and sensitive. Cleaning would be handled with extra care.

These are the ways on how to clean DSLR sensor:

  • If dark spots are seen on the images then there are dust and dirt on the sensor and it needs cleaning. Dust inside the camera won’t be seen in the pictures but will be when they accumulate enough to cause spots on the digital pictures.
  • Cleaning the sensor is risky for those amateurs and does not know how to handle DSLR. Better ask for professional help if cleaning the DSLR sensor.
  • Prepare a soft fiber brush, blower bulb, sensor swab and a methanol cleaning fluid on hand prior to cleaning. Open the shutter and flipped up the mirror. This will give access to the sensor. The camera’s battery must be full charge when cleaning so that the shutter won’t close if the camera’s battery is empty.
  • Remove the dust off the sensor using a blower bulb. Avoid using canned or compressed air because this will cause damage and canned air may spit out liquid.
  • Use a soft brush and brush away dirt particle in the sensor. Use the brush that is designed for digital cameras to be safe. The brush should be clean so that it won’t leave any particle behind.
  • Clean the sensor using sensor swab and methanol liquid. These products won’t cause harm to the DSLR sensor and are safe enough to use. Wipe the swab with a small amount of methanol liquid on the sensor just once so that dirt won’t be circulating around.
  • After one wipe, check the sensor if it’s clean. Repeat the step only when necessary. If there are no more dark spots and dirt on the sensor then it is already clean.
  • Check the DSLR by taking pictures on a blank sheet of white paper. If there are no spots on the digital image then the sensor is clean enough.

Use only recommended products in cleaning the DSLR. Avoid using harsh chemicals and substances that may harm the sensor. Call for professional help if the task is quite difficult and confusing to handle. Follow the guidelines mentioned above for a quick sensor cleaning.

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