Dutch Oven How To Clean

How to Clean a Dutch Oven

Dutch ovens are great cooking ware for various camping recipes. However, just like other cooking wares, it can also get greasy and messy. Food debris may get stuck inside making your food taste bad. Proper cleaning is essential to make your cast iron Dutch oven last for years and function at its best. For easy cleaning, Dutch oven should be thoroughly cleaned after every use.

The things that you will need are sponge or soft cotton cloth, warm water, white vinegar, glass bowl, spatula or plastic scraper and soft bristle brush.

Here are the steps in cleaning Dutch oven:

  • After using your Dutch oven, immediately scrape food debris using a spatula or a plastic scraper. Remove as much dirt as possible. You can also use a pancake turner in removing debris out from your Dutch oven.
  • After scraping, wash your piece with running warm water.
  • Get a glass bowl for the mixture of your cleaning solution. Pour in one part of white vinegar and three parts of warm water. Mix the solution properly with a spoon.
  • Get a soft cotton cloth or a sponge and dip it into your glass bowl with a vinegar solution.
  • Scrub the inner surface of your Dutch oven. You can also use a soft bristle brush in scrubbing your piece.
  • Continue scrubbing until food debris is totally gone.
  • Allow heating process by placing your Dutch oven by coals or by fire.
  • Wipe few amounts of shortening on the entire surface of your Dutch oven. Do not forget to include the lid.
  • Allow your Dutch oven to cool down. Leave it for 30 minutes to an hour.
  • Apply a paper towel in between the lid and your Dutch oven.

Do not attempt to place an aluminum foil inside the surface of your Dutch oven. Aluminum foil will react with the heat making the interior very hot and may fuse with your Dutch oven. Avoid using soap in cleaning Dutch oven as it may penetrate into the pores of the oven making your food taste like soap.

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