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How to Clean a DVD Burner

DVD burners can easily magnet dust particles in its interior surface. Presence of dust particles can make your device produce annoying noises while you are turning it on. It can also affect the function of your DVD burner making it run slower that what it used to be. Manual cleaning of your DVD burner or using a DVD cleaning kit is crucial to prolong its life span and function at its best.

The things that you will need are a DVD cleaning kit, microfiber cloth or soft cotton cloth, a can of compressed air, and commercial cleaning solution for DVD burner.

Here are the instructions in cleaning a DVD burner:

  • Using a DVD cleaning kit is more convenient than manual cleaning and saves more time and stamina. Make sure to read the label first before starting the cleaning process.
  • Turn your computer on and wait for few minutes until the operating system has loaded already.
  • Get the DVD out from your cleaning kit and apply the commercial cleaning solution evenly on the surface of your DVD disc.
  • Press the button “eject” which is found at the edge of your DVD burner. Insert the disc on the DVD tray and close the burner by pressing the “eject” button once again.
  • Some cleaning disc automatically starts the cleaning process. However, some may require that you click on the phrase which states “run program”. This phrase may appear directly on the computer screen as soon as you have inserted the DVD cleaning disc.
  • Allow the program to run for few minutes.
  • As soon as it is finished already, push the eject button and remove the DVD disc out from the tray. Leave the DVD tray open and immediately turn off your computer. Unplug any electrical connections to ensure safety. Pull out any USB devices from your computer.
  • Remove the DVD burner using a screw driver. Gently pull your DVD burner out from your drive day.
  • Use a compress canned air in cleaning DVD sides. Spray the interior surface of the DVD including the tray and other elements. This helps loosen dirt particles and debris build up.
  • Use a microfiber cloth and gently wipe the open tray as well as the sides and outer part of your DVD burner. A microfiber cloth works well in trapping dust particles without releasing it into the air.
  • Make sure that your DVD burner is completely dry before attempting to reassemble it back.
  • If the DVD burner is totally clean, reassemble it back on your computer and tighten the screws with a screw driver.
  • Turn on your computer and test your DVD burner if it is working well.

Avoid using abrasive cleaning solution as this can permanently damage your DVD burner. If you don’t have a microfiber cloth, use a soft cotton cloth in wiping your device.

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Lisapelly Tuesday 29th of March 2011
I have got the liquid to clean the DVD player and the cleaning disk too. I mostly make use of the disk as am bit afraid of the liquid.
Thanks for sharing the informative content.

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