Earphones How To Clean

Your earphones are the most used gadget when you listen to your favorite music from your iPod, mp3 player, laptops, or even cell phones. Ear phones are used by many, it is an accessory that we place inside our ears. And a regular cleaning of this is very important. This is because it can easily harbor bacteria or microorganism that may colonize in the ear phone. Some of you may find it hard to clean it because it is small that is why cleaning of your ear phones are neglected. But here is an easy way to clean your gadget accessory.

Things to prepare:

  • Q-tips or ear buds
  • Rubbing alcohol – an effective antiseptic used to reduced any germs in your ear phone.
  • Soft cloth – can be used to dry up your cleaned ear phones.

Steps to follow:

  1. Make sure you unplug your ear phones from your gadget.
  2. Get your Q-tip, and then dip the Q-tip to your rubbing alcohol. Do not over wet your Q-tips, dip it just enough to make it wet.
  3. If there are removable parts of your ear phones, remove and clean it first.
  4. Rub your Q-tips to those removed parts form your ear phones, then follow to wipe it with your soft cloth. Do not attempt to use tissue paper since it may scratch your ear phone parts or the ear phone per se.
  5. Set this aside.
  6. Examine your ear phones.
  7. Dip again another Q-tip, and then gently but firmly rub your Q-tips to your ear phone. Remove any residue from your ear phone. If there are hard to remove residue, wet another Q-tip. A wet Q-tip can slowly remove those hard to remove residues.
  8. Rub it in a circular motion.
  9. If you are already satisfied with the cleanliness of your ear phones, you can let it dry using your soft cloth.
  10. You can disinfect the ear phone wires too. Just place a small amount of rubbing alcohol onto your smooth cloth then rub it to the ear phone wire.

Few Tips:

  1. Make sure to completely dry your ear phone before using it. A wet ear phone set may affect the quality of your ear phone.
  2. Do not use a tissue paper because it may scratch your ear phone.

It is very important that you know how to clean your stuff. After you had completely dried your ear phone, you can now use a clean accessory.

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