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How to Clean Ecotools Make-up Brushes

Ecotools make-up brushes can easily harbor dust and dirt particles. Dust particles can be very unhealthy to your face as it can produce rashes and redness on the area. Regular cleaning of your make-up brush can extend its uses and make your face clean and healthy.

The things that you will need are warm water, shampoo or hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap.

Here are the few steps in cleaning make-up brush:

  • Wash your make-up brush with running water. Shake off dirt particles.
  • Pour few amounts of shampoo into the bristles and gently work into lather.
  • Let it sit for several minutes.
  • Rinse your make up brush with warm running water. Make up tint will be washed off from an old make up that get stuck into the bristles. Continue rinsing until make up tint is removed.
  • You can also use an antibacterial liquid soap or hand sanitizer in cleaning make up-brush.
  • Pour in some antibacterial liquid soap into the brush. Follow the direction of the bristles so as not to damage your brush.
  • Wash off soapy residue with warm water.
  • In order to preserve the smoothness of your bristles, shape brushes while it’s still wet and allow to air dry.
  • Place them flat on the table instead of standing them at one end.
  • Avoid scrubbing the bristles as the hairs may fall off. You can also purchase commercial products for cleaning your make up brush. Make sure to read the instructions first before using the cleaning kit.
  • Allow your make up brush to completely dry and place it in an airtight plastic bag for brushes.

You can clean your ecotools make up brush at least once a week to prevent bacteria build up. Dirty brush can ruin your flawless face. Make certain to place your make up kit in an appropriate place away from dust and dirt particles.

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