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How to Clean an EEE Keyboard

EEE pc is the new generation of mini laptops and net books that had been quite popular in the market and with the buyers. These handy and affordable gadgets get every one on the go. However, EEE pc keyboards get easily dirty due to constant use and environmental factors.

These are the guidelines on how clean eee keyboard:

  • Prepare the needed materials for cleaning. You will need cotton buds, lint free cloth, isopropyl alcohol, dry cloth, a can of compressed air and a flat tip screw driver.
  • Shutdown the pc and remove all remaining devices including power chords and battery. Remove the keyboard from the pc by pressing the pause and F6 tab until keyboard is release.
  • Use the can of compressed air to blow away any dirt and dust particle in the keyboard. Get a cotton bud, wet it with an isopropyl alcohol and clean the keys. Use the lint cloth and wet it with an alcohol to wipe all the dirt all over the keyboard. The cloth and cotton buds must not be that wet.
  • After cleaning, wipe it with a dry cloth so that excess alcohol will be removed. The keyboard must be dry enough before it is reinserted back. For more thorough cleaning follow the next steps.
  • Clean the keyboard thoroughly by washing it. Prepare a basin with water, cleaning soap, towel and a fan. These are the additional materials needed.
  • Prepare a soapy water by mixing soap and water in the basin. Soak the keyboard into the basin. Allow the bubbles to penetrate in the keys. Leave it for about 10 minutes.
  • Remove the keyboard and rinse it with lukewarm water to remove all the soap residues. Wash gently and dry it using a towel. Turn on the fan and placed it near the keyboard so it will dry faster.
  • After cleaning, reinstall back the keyboard into the pc. Make sure that it is carefully and properly reinserted to avoid problems. Turn the pc on and use the newly washed and very clean keyboard.

Keyboards must be cleaned at least twice a month depending on use. These will keep the pc clean and hygienic as well. Avoid using cleaning products that could cause harm on the pc and its parts.

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