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How to Clean an EEE PC Screen

Asus had been successful in delivering the new trend for the modern world. They have produced the mini laptops and impressive line of computer technology and gadgets. One of the things to do to if owning a gadget is to clean it regularly. The pc screen needs to be clean so that the things seen on the monitor can be clearly visualize.

These are the ways on how clean the EEE PC screen:

  • Turn off the PC and disconnect any attached devices. Shut down all power sources. Remove the battery and any external devices. The pc must be turned off while cleaning to prevent problems in the circuits. Gadgets are very sensitive to water so it must be protected from it.
  • Prepare the necessary tools in cleaning the pc screen. Get an alcohol and micro fiber cloth or LCD cleaning cloth. Ready these materials prior to cleaning to save time and effort.
  • Remove all the dust and dirt in the pc screen using the micro fiber cloth or LCD cloth. These are available in the malls or in computer shops. They have a wide variety of it to choose from. Gently wipe the screen to remove unwanted dirt. Do not apply too much pressure on the screen just do it slowly but gradually.
  • Wet the micro fiber cloth with alcohol. Just pour a small amount on it enough to make it damp. The alcohol should not be dripping to prevent any problems. This could harm the pc if it enters inside the component.
  • Wipe it on the screen to remove deep-seated dirt. Apply only a minimal amount of pressure. Take time to clean the screen until no residues are left. Add another drop of alcohol to the cloth if needed.
  • Dry the screen using a clean LCD cloth. Gently wipe off traces of alcohol to efficiently dry and remove remaining dirt. The PC must be completely dry before turning it on.
  • Reinsert the battery and turn the pc on. Check the monitor once the power is on. The result should be significant and changes must be noticed.

Make it a daily habit to clean the pc screen. This will improve the appearance of the screen especially if doing some thing or just simply browsing, you could see the difference of a clean screen. Avoid using products that may cause harm on the pc. Use only micro fiber or LCD cloth because it won’t scratch the screen.

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