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How to Clean Eggs Off a House

An egg stain is a serious problem for homeowners. Dried egg stains can damage your exterior finishes and can smell awful too. It’s better to get rid of the mess earlier than wait for the stain to get dry.

The things that you will need are paper towel, hose, small bucket, white sugar, warm water, old towel and pressure washer.

Here are the steps in cleaning eggs off a home:

  • Wash off the area immediately as soon as you notice a fresh egg stain. Use a paper towel in wiping as much eggs as possible.
  • You can also use a hose in washing off the egg stain.
  • Use a broom and a dust pan in removing egg shells. An old towel or rag is also ideal.
  • If there are still stain on the area, get a small bucket and pour in half cup of white vinegar and half cup of warm water.
  • Pour a few drops of vinegar solution into the area and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Dip your small towel into your vinegar solution and carefully blot the area.
  • Scrub the area with a soft cotton cloth.
  • Rinse the area with a hose.
  • If there is still stubborn stain, you can buy a pressure washer.
  • Read the label first before using pressure washer and follow directions carefully.

You can also use an enzyme detergent. This is best use for egg stain as eggs contain protein (an enzyme). Make sure to read the contents of your cleaning solution.

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