Electronics How To Clean

Cleaning your electronic equipments doesn’t only keep your device looking good, but also make these expensive and fragile pieces run effectively and efficiently. Electronic equipments are delicate pieces. With this, proper maintenance should be the major task of the owner as dirt and dust may be detrimental to its life span.

The things that you will need are electrostatic cloth or soft cotton cloth or microfiber cloth, mild dishwasher soap, dry towel, cotton balls, isopropyl alcohol and white vinegar.

Here are the important steps in cleaning electronic equipments:

  • Read the manufacturer’s label before proceeding on the cleaning process. Some electronic device may not tolerate chemicals and may damage its structure. Electronic manuals are a good place to start on deciding how to clean your electronic equipments.
  • For large devices like computer CPU, it is best to use vacuum with hand attachment in getting rid of dust particles. Make sure to remove debris and dust particles from computer fans, vents and other elements. Pay particular attention to the openings of electronic device as dust particles may damage your piece.
  • For small electronics like cellular phones, it is good to use an electrostatic cloth in wiping its surface. If your electronic device gets stained, a slightly moistened soft cloth can be utilized in removing dirt and dust. Avoid wetting the cloth too much as electronics are highly sensitive with too much moisture.
  • Most IT professionals suggest using a mild dishwasher solution in cleaning computer keyboards. In cleaning computer keyboard, make sure to unplug any electrical connections to ensure safety. Detach the keyboard and place it on top of your dishwasher rack.
  • Allow the dishwasher to run in a regular cycle without using detergent.
  • Wipe the keyboard with a dry towel and allow it to fully dry for 12 to 24 hours. This method is very effective in removing stain or liquid spills on the keyboard.
  • Clean computer mouse and telephones with a cotton ball moistened with alcohol or white vinegar. Vinegar doesn’t only remove dust and grime, but also kill bacteria naturally.
  • If you are using a mouse with trackball, make sure to include the interior surface in cleaning.

Avoid using abrasive cleaning agent in removing dirt and grime from your electronic device as this can permanently damage your piece. Allow your electronic equipments to completely dry before using them.

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