Emu Boots How To Clean

Emu boots play a vital role in protecting our feet from mud, cold weather and salted sidewalks. Most people also wear emu boots as a form of fashion statement. However, with frequent use, emu boots can staple dirt and debris making your footwear dull and dirty. Proper maintenance is important to maintain its crisp and new looking appearance as it did when you first brought it from your local store.

Here are the important steps in cleaning emu boots:

Step 1

First thing to note is to brush the surface with a soft bristle brush to loosen dirt particles and debris. This is the most important initial step in cleaning emu boots.

Step 2

It is beneficial to purchase an emu spot eraser to remove stubborn stains and spots. Emu spot eraser is available from various stores that sell sheepskin products. After using your emu spot eraser, continue brushing the surface with a soft bristle brush.

Step 3

For a more soiled emu boots, you can apply cold water and sponge or soft cotton cloth. Dip the sponge or soft cotton cloth into cold water and moisten the soiled surface. Avoid soaking your boots as it can affect the booty’s crisp features.

Step 4

It is ideal to buy commercial cleaner intended for cleaning emu boots. Apply your commercial cleaner and emu conditioner on the surface of your emu boots. Use a sponge and moisten it with your cleaner. Apply a gentle scrubbing motion in cleaning the entire area of your emu boots.

Step 5

After scrubbing, rinse your emu boots with cold water. Cold water maintains the crisp of your emu boots. Place the boots in a clean, warm area to air dry. Avoid using a blow dry or an electric dryer in keeping your emu boots dry as it can make the surface dull.

Step 6

Place a cloth or some old newspapers in the interior surface of the emu boots to keep them in shape while allowing them to dry.

Step 7

After making sure that your boots have dried already, brush the surface lightly to clean your emu boots and give them a new looking store glow.

Step 8

Apply your stain and waterproof solution to protect your emu boots from liquid spills. Allow them to completely dry for several hours before attempting to wear it again.

Don’t be afraid in rinsing your emu boots with cold water. The sheepskin naturally absorbs water but it will normally return to its original color after it has dried. Avoid using abrasive cleaning agent as this can damage the delicate sheepskin.

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