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How to Clean an Engine

An engine is a motor machine that is designed to convert energy into a useful mechanical motion. In cleaning the engine always check with the dealer before cleaning because it could harm the engine and might be risky. Special precautions must be done before cleaning an engine.

The steps below are the cleaning tips on how to clean an engine:

  • In doing proper engine cleaning, remove first the loose grime, dirt and dust that have accumulated on the engine overtime. Use a motorcycle dryer or any dryer or even compressed air to loosen off debris.
  • Start the car and let it run for a couple of minutes so that the engine will be warm but not that hot so that you cant still touch it. Turn the engine off and block air to prevent water from entering.
  • Spray the engine with a cleaner. There is a specific engine cleaner that can be purchased in any car shop. Do not use acid-based cleaner or anything that contains strong chemicals. Use something like the Total Auto wash product.
  • Allow the solution to soak for about 3 minutes. While waiting for the solution to penetrate. Brush dirt and debris in the dirt. After, rinse the engine with water using garden hose but do not put too much pressure.
  • Inspect for remaining dirt and dust in the engine. Check for other problems that may require attention and care. Spray cleaner to stubborn dirt, brush them off and rinse.
  • After cleaning, allow the engine to dry using the dryer. Remove excess water using sponge or clean cloth. After all the cleaning and the engine is already dry, apply protective dressing to the hose, wires and plastic shields. Wipe off excess protective dressing.

Protect the engine and the other parts with a protective dressing. There are many engine dressings available in the market. Wax can also be applied, wipe a liberal amount all over to make the engine sparkles. Just follow the simple steps on cleaning engine mentioned above. But always consult professionals before cleaning to avoid damages.

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