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How to Clean an Epilator

Epilator is a hassle free electric device that helps remove multiple hairs. An epilator has similar mechanism of action with waxing. The only difference is that an epilator doesn’t remove epithelial cells as waxing do. An epilator can generally last for several years if proper maintenance is taken into consideration. Keeping a clean epilator can provide you with hair free skin for years.

The things that you will need are thin brush or paint brush, isopropyl alcohol, clean towel, can of compress air and cotton balls.

Here are the important steps in cleaning epilator:

  • Use a thin brush in sweeping out excess hair from your epilator every after use. If multiple hairs are still present, you can use a small paintbrush in brushing off hairs.
  • Get rid of hair particles using a compressed gas duster. You can also use a can of compresses air in cleaning an epilator. Compress air products can eliminate hair particles by blasting them out.
  • Make use of the straw attachment in making your cleaning process easy and fast. The straw attachment helps remove hair deep down on your epilator.
  • Get a soft cotton ball and moisten it with an isopropyl alcohol. Squeeze out excess water to avoid water spill and gently wipe the tweezers to remove remaining hairs into the epilator. Rotate the epilator’s tweezers to ensure that all areas are clean.
  • Wipe your epilator with a clean towel and allow it to completely dry for several minutes.
  • After it has dried, replace its cap and keep your epilator in a safe storage away from debris and dust particles.

Place your epilator in a clean dry place away from children. Avoid using abrasive cleaning agent in removing hairs and debris off your epilator as this can permanently damage your electric device.

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