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How to Clean an Epson 1400

Epson, the leading name for printer brands, has come up with the 13 inch dye-based model in its Stylus line of printers. The Epson 1400 can spray out ink drops with only 1.5 Pico liters which is small enough compared to the previous photo printers. The Epson 1400 uses six separate cartridges which mean that more ink and can be saved many more prints.

These are the steps in cleaning and maintaining the Epson 1400:

  • No tools needed except for the printer and the manual for some references. Turn the computer on and might plug the power cord of the printer as well.
  • Check the print head nozzles of the printer. If the printer is already but not printing, place a blank sheet of bond paper. After loading the printer, turn the printer off.
  • Make sure that paper is already loaded into the printer and press the paper and power button altogether to turn the printer on. Continue holding until the green power light is flashing and release it.
  • If using windows, go to “control panel” in the Start menu. Or go to the printer icon found on the taskbar that is located in the lower corner of the computer screen. Select Nozzle check.
  • Click Finish if there are no print gaps on the printed paper. If you find is unsatisfactory, it’s time to clean the print head. Just follow the next procedure.
  • Use the computer in cleaning the print head. Before cleaning make sure that CD/DVD tray is not inserted. It is recommended to use the printer at least once a week so that ink won’t dry.
  • Turn the printer on and that ink light is off. If the ink light is flashing it means the cartridges need to be replaced.
  • Press the ink button for about 3 seconds. The printer will automatically clean the print head and the green power light will be flashing. Wait for about 2 minutes until the cleaning is done.

It is important to clean the printer at least twice in a month so that the ink would not dry out. Do not turn the printer off while cleaning because this can cause damage. A paper should be loaded every time nozzle check is in progress. If there are still problems with the quality of the print, wait for about 6 hours so that the dried ink will be soften and try printing again. For further problems, refer to the manufacturer for any troubleshooting.

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