Etched Glass Shower Doors How To Clean

In contemporary society, having glass shower doors at home are mostly preferred as it gives an elegant appearance to your bathroom. However, buying a glass shower door also entails huge responsibility as it may become stained and cloudy over time. Proper cleaning is crucial to maintain a clear and shiny shower door.

The things that you will need are clean soft towel, soft cotton cloth, empty bottle spray, plastic bowl, water, white vinegar and sponge.

Here are the important instructions in cleaning your etched glass shower doors:

  • Wipe any water residue on your glass door with a soft cotton cloth.
  • Get a plastic bowl and start mixing your cleaning solution. Pour in half cup of white vinegar into the bowl and add half cup of warm water. Mix the solution with a spoon and pour it inside an empty bottle spray.
  • Shake the bottle to properly mix the cleaning solution.
  • Fill your bathroom with a steam by turning the hot water on for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Spray a generous amount of vinegar solution into the etched glass door and allow the vinegar solution to sit for few minutes. This helps loosen water spots and etching onto the glass door.
  • Squeegee the entire surface of the etched glass door until you all the water and vinegar solution has been totally removed.
  • Wipe the entire glass with a soft cotton towel and allow it to completely dry before using your bathroom.
  • For stubborn etching, make a baking soda paste by mixing few amounts of water.
  • Apply the baking soda paste into the soiled glass door and scrub the area with a sponge or a soft cotton cloth.
  • Squeegee the whole surface again to remove baking soda paste and allow your glass door to completely dry.

Avoid using hard cleaning solution in cleaning your etched glass door as this can make your glass dry and dull. Ammonia cleaning solution is also not recommended as this can be very dangerous once inhaled.

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