Etnies Shoes How To Clean

How to Clean Etnies Shoes

Just like other shoes, Etnies shoes can also harbor grime and dirt making your shoes appears dirty and soiled. Proper cleaning of Etnies shoes is essential so as to last longer and maintain an appealing look.

The things that you will need are small plastic bowl for the cleaning solution, white vinegar, water, shoe polisher, shoe conditioner, waterproof solution and baking soda.

Here are the steps in cleaning Etnies shoes:

  • Remove shoe laces first before starting the cleaning process. Place the shoe laces on a separate container.
  • For light dirt, use a soft cotton cloth and moisten it with water. Scrub the soiled surface in a gentle manner.
  • For salt stains from your Etnies shoes, get a small plastic bowl and pour in equal amounts of warm water and white vinegar. Mix the solution with a spoon.
  • Get a soft cloth and dip it into your vinegar solution. Remove excess vinegar solution by squeezing the cloth.
  • Wipe the stained area with your dampen cloth. You can also use a soft nylon brush in cleaning stained area.
  • After applying vinegar solution, wash the cloth with running water to remove vinegar residue. Squeeze the cloth to remove excess water.
  • Wipe the shoes with a wash cloth to remove vinegar reside and vinegar smell onto the surface.
  • Use a dry towel in keeping the shoes dry.
  • For leather shoes, apply commercial cleaner and a soft cotton cloth in the soiled area.
  • Apply your leather conditioner after cleaning the shoes with commercial solution. A shoe conditioner helps maintain the leather’s smoothness.
  • Apply waterproof solution onto the surface of your shoes and apply a polisher to maintain its glossy appearance. Waterproof solution helps prevent liquid stains and water spills from damaging your shoes.
  • Deodorize your Etnies shoes by applying generous amount of baking soda into the interior surface of the shoes. Shake your shoes to distribute the baking soda evenly.
  • Allow the baking soda to sit overnight and shake them out before wearing them.

Avoid using abrasive cleaning agent in cleaning Etnies shoes as this can damage its underlying surface. Do not place your shoes in a dryer to keep it dry. Simply wipe your shoes with a dry cloth to facilitate dryness.

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