External Hard Drive How To Clean

There could be several reasons for cleaning an external hard drive. Your external hard drive holds many important things like your credit card numbers (if ever you have ordered some stuff on the web) or may contain some personal information about you.

How to Clean an External Hard Drive

With this, disposing your external hard drive is not a good idea as people might go through your hard drive and invade your privacy. You can simply do a cleaning procedure to keep your external hard drive function at its best. It is good to prevent unwanted situations by learning how to properly clean your external hard drive.

The things that you will need are computer and external hard drive cleaner.

Here are the steps in cleaning an external hard drive:

  • Make a back up onto another disk regarding all important data before cleaning your external hard drive.
  • Purchase a hard drive cleaner in any computer store or search into the internet to download an external hard drive cleaner. This is the safest method to ensure thorough hard drive cleaning.
  • Allow the software to run freely into your computer. This will over write all hard drive data making it impossible for anyone to invade your personal information. The software works best in over writing your hard drive several times.
  • Take your time in erasing your hard drive content.
  • Once the program has started, a box will suddenly appear asking to erase the data.
  • Keep in mind that this cleaning process is irreversible.
  • Click on the word “erase” to delete all data on your external hard drive.
  • The program will erase everything on your hard drive.
  • Install a new external hard drive if necessary.

It is important to clean your external hard drive especially if you are planning to donate your computer to any institution. However, make certain that you make a back up on all important data.



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