Fabric Blinds How To Clean

Windows need to be protective from the harmful particles from the environment such as smoke, dirt, dust and pollution. Once these factors will enter the house it could be a health hazard to any member of the household. Fabric blinds are window protectors. It is similar to regular blinds but this one is made of fabric for a fashionable touch. It is better to clean these fabric blinds before it gets the bacteria and other harmful elements inside the house.

These are the ways on how to clean fabric blinds:

  • Fabric blinds are easy to clean because it is made of fabric and can be clean or washed like the curtains. There are many type of fabric blinds and each one has it’s own cleaning materials.
  • Prepare the needed things for cleaning the fabric blinds. Get the vacuum cleaner, sponge, water, basin, detergent soap, towel and micro fiber cloth prior to cleaning. Preparing the materials beforehand will save time and effort.
  • Before cleaning and washing the fabric blinds, do an initial cleaning by removing all loose dirt and dust using the vacuum cleaner. Turn on the vacuum cleaner preferably with brush attachment to effectively all loose dirt. If there is no vacuum available use the micro fiber cloth and wipe all dirt and dust.
  • Get a basin and mix detergent soap and water to make soapy water. Use only a small amount of soap so that it will have less soap residue and it will prevent damaging the blinds. Wet the sponge on it to absorb soapy water.
  • Wipe the blinds gently using the wet sponge concentrating on dirty areas. Use the towel to absorb excess water right after each wipe. Washing the blinds should not take long. Less water in the fabric blinds is better.
  • After cleaning the fabric blinds, make sure that excess water are absorbed by the towel. Arrange the blinds properly in its place and keep it clean. Let the towel absorb any water that is in the blinds to dry it faster.

Dust, dirt, and other particles will always get into the fabric blinds. Clean it always using vacuum cleaner of the micro fiber cloth to remove all loose dirt. Avoid using too much soap while cleaning the blinds; this is not a good idea. Maintain the blinds clean and if it is dirty wash it immediately and dry it right away using the steps mentioned above.

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