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How to Clean a Bike

Did you know that cleaning a bike is as enjoyable and as easy as riding a bike? Cleaning your bike would not only allow you to keep them shiny but it also can be away for you detect existing or future problems. So get yourself ready and grab all the necessary equipment you have at home in cleaning your bike.

Before we get into the step by step process on how to clean a bike, here are some points for you to note:

  • Never put the bike upside down when cleaning for water may get through the headset or inner open tubes and can cause future rusting.
  • If your bike has lots of grease you may use a diesel fuel to wipe them off.
  • If you have problems on trying to touch-up some ruined color texture, nail polish of the same color may be used.

Step 1. First, put the bike on its stand, you may even just let it lean on the wall or make it simply stand, then remove the wheels.

Step 2. Next, take all the accessories of the bike like its antenna, pump or the horn, seat bag etc. Have them all cleaned at this time with the use of a soap and water. Rinse them after and pat them dry immediately to prevent rusting.

Step 3. Fill a pail with warm water and a detergent soap beside the bike. Provide also a sponge; see to it this is not the one with metals for it may leave scratches. A dry smooth cloth would also be used later when drying up the bike.

Step 4. You may start wetting the bike part by part to be systematic in loosing the hardened mud or other particles that adhered to its part. Allow the water to set into the bike for a few minutes.

Step 5. When cleaning the chain, you may consider using a chain cleaner so that its fluidity will be maintained. Next would be to do the drive train, this could be one of the parts that is very dirty. Gently rub them with your sponge that is dipped into the pail of water with soap.

Step 6. Now clean the derailleur cage and chain rings with a soft bristled brush.

Step 7. Systematically, sponge the whole bike and make sure that you do not get back to the part that has already been cleaned to prevent re-contamination. You may use a different sponge to the handlebar, tires and other parts that you think are very dirty. After, rinse the bike with water.

Step 8. Get in to the pedals now by brushing it separately together with the seat of the bike.

Step 9. You may use a regular toothbrush that is no longer used in reaching the small hard-to-reach area of the bike.

Step 10. If rusty areas are seen, do not panic. Use a steel wood brush in removing it.

Step 11. Rinse off your bike with a use of a water hose and generously direct water on the parts that soapsuds may have lodged.

Step 12. Dry the bike with a use of a cloth and put it under the sun to speed up drying.

Step 13. Finally, reassemble the accessories you have taken on step 2.

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