How To Clean A Bong

Doing your thing with lesser pleasure? Tired of seeing your bong messy? Here is how to clean it in a very systematic and enjoyable way.

Step to step how to clean a bong

These steps would even not take much of your time, in less than 5 minutes you can start using it with much happiness and pleasure.

Step 1: Make use of all the available supplies

Let us get started! First, gather all the necessary equipment needed. It is highly suggested that you be economical in cleaning your bong. The materials that will be required from you here would be the things you just see around your home. First, get an isopropyl alcohol or simply water as it would serve as your solvent, mix it with a tablespoon of salt or any amount as desired depending on the size of the bong, same thing applies with the amount of water to be poured. You will need to have something to cover the holes of the bong; you can have a plastic bag or a cloth and rubber bands to secure the coverings. Since, alcohol has a strong odor added up with the particles you get from the dirty bong, expect that your nose might get irritated. As a resolution, prepare your mask and may as well have gloves for cleaning. Some bongs may have fashionable designs like with carvings, and so for these types of bongs, you need to have a cotton tip applicator or a baby bottle brushing equipment.

Step 2: Groove and shake the bong

Next, sprinkle the salt (has an abrasive element) into the bong first, followed by the solvent you have chosen (water or isopropyl alcohol). Cover the holes of the bong with your prepared covering materials; ensure that it is snugly made to avoid unwanted spills. Then, make a funky move and groove! You may add dance steps in doing this for this may really be tedious. Simply imagine yourself performing in a big crowd.

Step 3: Flush it off

Step into the bathroom and do the nasty job, this really is. Flush it off to the toilet bowl and make sure that spills will prevented, so keep the mouth of the bong close to toilet bowl. The flushing should be made two to three times for some debris might be left or get clogged in the detailed edges of you toilet pipes.

Step 4: Inside job

This step is considered to be a detailed one. Get the cotton tipped applicator or the baby bottle’s brush you have prepared and wet it with a little amount of alcohol. Rub it through the detailed edges (especially for the high fashioned bongs). For those who have the simple ones, you may use a cloth with a little amount of alcohol guided by a stick into the stem of the bong.

Step 5: Cleanse with water

Rinse the bong thoroughly with water since nobody wants the alcohol smell to dominate your system. Do this step many times as you can or as necessary. Take a pause and look at your brand new-like item! Congratulations and make the utmost use of your favorite bong!

Step 6: Do not forget the slide

Slides should not be neglected since it is part and parcel of your bong. You may use the same steps provided above in cleaning so.

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