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How to Clean a Denture

Thank modern dental technology for having your second set of teeth now! Having a set of dentures would also mean added responsibility of keeping them intact and clean all the times. Cleaning dentures is vital thing to do for people who have them because it can affect the oral hygiene of a person. Failure to clean them would result to lots of oral problems like bad breath, gingivitis, and sore throat. To avoid the incidence of having these problems, here are some techniques on how to clean a denture.

Let us start knowing the basic principles you must remember when cleaning your dentures. Thoroughly clean them at least twice a day using your regular toothbrush (may also use a denture brush) and a non abrasive toothpaste. Do not use your regular toothpaste for it might damage your denture since it is very fragile. Thus, proper handling when cleaning should be observed. If you are on your first week of having dentures, expect some difficulty when adjusting to it. Remember that it is a foreign object and your body will need time before it gets accustomed to it. The use of a denture adhesive is advisable to ensure its proper fitting into your gums. When trying to remove the upper denture you may try pulling from side to side, then, place your thumb at the center pressing upward and outward toward your lips. In removing the lower denture, you may apply a gentle rocking motion.

Never use alcohol, bleaches, or whiteners or any abrasive cleaners for it may really damage your dentures. The use of a boiling water is also not advisable nor having it heat inside a microwave oven, for obvious reason that it may be damaged.

The best and safest way in cleaning dentures is by soaking it overnight in vinegar. Upon waking up, you may brush away the softened tartar with regular toothbrush and rinse it in running water before using them back. You may fill the sink with water to prevent breakage if it accidentally slips off your hand. For added comfort and confidence the use of mouthwash may also do.

Since denture cleaners are widely available in the supermarkets, you may use them but be guided with the approval given by American Dental Association. Only those that are proven to be safe can receive the seal of approval from the authority.

Here are some tips you can have in using a denture:

  • At night, if you prefer not to use dentures, you may have them soaked in water or a denture cleanser solution.
  • Rinse dentures with water every after meal if possible to loosen food debris that may cause bad breath.
  • Make a habit of cleaning a denture before sleeping.
  • Frequent denture cleaning should also be observed for people who smoke, drink coffee, teas and sodas for it may leave stains on your denture.
  • Removing hardened food deposits from your denture with any sharp instrument should never be done. Consult your dentist for removal of the hardened debris.

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