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How to Clean Above Ground Pool

Does your pool appear swampy already? This would definitely take out the fun you can have with your family on summer days. You might not even notice that it was just a week or two since you have replaced your pool with clean water – a crystal one, and after awhile turns green or the worst brown.

Now is the time for you to say goodbye to your resident green water. Here are some steps you can follow on how to clean the above ground swimming pool.

Step 1. Do you know that the secret to keep your pool clean is to allot just at least 2 minutes of your time daily by sweeping above and adding chlorine on the pool water? Yes, that is how it should be maintained. Anyway, it is never too late for you to know and practice such secret. But if you are an owner of a salt water pool there is no need for you to add chlorine anymore.

Step 2. Let us know the reasons behind cleaning your pool. First is to maintain good water circulation and second is to balance a good Ph. You do not actually have to buy high-end water pumps that emit chlorine automatically. An ample amount of chlorine would do. Well, it may sound really simple but the hardest part of it is when taking time doing the chore of cleaning.

Step 3. For households with a “busy” pool it is recommendable for you to buy a pool cleaning kit at the supermarket.

Step 4. There is also a need for you to have an item that would keep your chlorine. You may have it placed in an area where it is out of children and animal’s reach. Chlorine is dangerous when ingested and its best to know this precaution before it happens.

Step 5. Next, add at least 2 tablespoons of chlorine to your pool skimmer (the basket that acts as your broom) when possible. Or you may simply walk around the pool and sprinkle. The use of granulated chlorine for convenience purposes may also be used. Granulated ones are best placed near the water pump to allow easy distribution. An important consideration in doing this step is to turn on the water pump to facilitate chlorine distribution.

Step 6. You may use pool vacuums if available to clean “drop out dirt” on the floor. Manual cleaning may also be done. Use mild soap and pool brush when cleaning the above ground pool. Never use a brush with metal wires since this may damage the surface of the floor. Afterwards, have it thoroughly rinsed by water.

Step 7. Keep in mind that the best way to maintain your pool is through daily care. With technological advancement robot pool vacuum may be used regularly.

Let this two-minute procedure be a habit! The simple act of sprinkling chlorine before leaving your home would be a way to build a stronger family ties on summer days!

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