How To Clean Amsoil Air Filter

How to Clean Amsoil Air Filter

If you are vehicle owner, you should know that you always have to keep the oils and the engine clean and you can do this if you have the best air filter. AMSOIL Air Filter can be very useful in the filtration mechanism of your car. It works best to stop the dirt, to hold the dirt and control the airflow in your car. The filters of AMSOIL can hold dirt that can cause wearing of the filter. In addition, it allows only the clean air to pass through the engine to make sure of a better fuel economy and performance. The flow of clean air into the engine also ensures that there will be longer life for the engine and the exhaust emission will be much lower. For the AMSOIL air filter to work at its best condition always, you have to make sure that it is always clean. A clean AMSOIL air filter would result in an engine that works perfectly. The filter is actually washable, giving you easier means to clean it. The research done for this air filter says that its life expectancy can be 350 percent higher than other brands of the air filter.

Here are the tips and techniques to clean your AMSOIL Air Filter.

    • This procedure is actually the recommended cleaning technique of AMSOIL. AMSOIL suggests that you should clean your filter every year or one the car already runs for about 25 thousand miles. Here are the specific steps:
        1. Remove the air filter from its housing cautiously.
      • 2. You can clean the housing using a towel but you have to be very careful so you will not tap or knock the contaminants into the air inlet.
      • 3. Use a vacuum to clean the air filters. Suck off the dirt on the dusty side of the filter media.
    • 4. You can also vacuum the filter media on its clean side. Hold the filter using your one hand and then, at a 45-degree angle, blow the filter media on its clean area.
  • Another method that AMSOIL air filter owners use is this: They soak the filter into the water and then brush off the dirt found in between the folds and pleats. After that, they will rinse the filter thoroughly and make sure that it is completely dry before putting it back into the car.
  • You also should not clean your AMSOIL filter using oil. Air hose or vacuum is the best method to use when cleaning the filter.
  • There are also owners of AMSOIL air filter that do not clean their filters. Instead, they choose to buy a new one when they think that the filter is already dirty.

These are just some of the tips and tricks for cleaning your AMSOIL air filter. The car owner should always be responsible in taking good care of all the car parts, peripherals and accessories to ensure that the car will be working in its best and safest condition to help avoid road and car accidents.


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