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How to Clean an Air Conditioner

Don’t you know that air conditioners can be a medium for bacterial growth? The water that dwells inside can be a perfect nutrient for different kinds of microorganisms. The steps provided below would help you get rid of possible infections you may acquire.

Easy steps on how to clean an air conditioner:

  1. There are two types of air conditioner filters; reusable and disposable ones. In dealing with a reusable type, lay it on the bathroom sink and sprinkle some detergent powder on its surface. Submerge in water and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse it using running water. On the other hand, disposable types are thrown after two to three months depending on the manufacturer’s instruction.
  2. Remove the grille from the body of the unit. Take note that they are usually hooked by a clip at the bottom. Then, gently push it forward and downward at the same time to ease removal. You may set them aside first once successfully removed.
  3. The next layer after the grille would be a metal cover. Remove this to expose the inner parts of the unit.
  4. Assess the motor fan for oil plugs and holes. Accumulated oil plugs may appear like a rubber, when seen carefully remove it with a small screwdriver. Apply a few drops of motor oil to the fan thereafter.
  5. The fins of the air conditioner should be cleaned through brushing it in an upward and downward motion. Never brush side to side to avoid fins to be misshapen. A commercial air conditioner spray may be used to clean the unit. Spray it on the fins and leave it for 15 minutes or as per manufacturer’s instruction. Always remember not to allow splashes of water to get through the electrical wirings to prevent any untoward electrical accidents. You may also use a plastic bag to cover the electrical wirings of the unit.
  6. In an event of accidentally getting the fins bent to side simply brush it with a comb or a Popsicle stick. Never leave fins bent because its purpose of facilitating proper air flow might be defeated.
  7. Rear fins are also cleaned in the same manner. Apply the same instruction in step 5 and 6.
  8. Look for the motor blades and clean them with a use of a damp rag. Be careful in doing this since it is not advisable to have them accidentally bent. You may vacuum all parts of the unit starting from the front grille up to the rear.
  9. The bottom of the air conditioner may have been pooled with water. So, drain them properly at the sink or a pail and leave it for 15 minutes to facilitate evaporation.

Finally, you are done with cleaning your air conditioner! You may now try if cleaning has been effective through plugging it and feeling the breeze of air that escapes the appliance.

If improvement is found reassemble the air conditioner and again test for noises. See to it that the screws are all hooked back.

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