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How to Clean Aqua Rite Salt Cell

Keeping your swimming pool at home is very important so it is also necessary that you properly maintain the devices that keep your pool in its best condition. One of the most popular pool cleaning equipments is the Aqua Rite Salt Chlorinator, which works with the Aqua Rite Salt Cell. The salt cell is responsible for converting the salt water into chlorine using the electrolytic charge directed through the plates found inside the cell. Aqua Rite Salt Cell has its own mechanism for self-cleaning but sometimes, you need to manually clean it so you can get rid of the mineral deposits that accumulated because of the hard water used.

There can be calcium deposits formed on the plates inside of the cell and you have to clean it four times every year to lessen the over-accumulation of the mineral deposits. It can be hard for you at first to clean your salt cell, but once you already know all the steps, it might be a lot easier for you. Here are the steps to clean your Aqua Rite Salt Cell:

    1. Make sure to turn off the filter pump, the Aqua Rite Salt Cell and all the electrical devices connected with it. Shut down the electricity flow of the pool’s water return pipe. This is to avoid electrical accidents once you start cleaning the salt cell.
    2. Wear goggles for your eyes protections and use gloves for your hands. You have to create a mixture of water and muriatic acid. In a bucket, put a gallon of water into it and add a quart of muriatic acid. This cleaning solution will help to extricate all the mineral residues and deposits that amassed on the salt cell.
    3. The next step will require you to soak the Aqua Rite Salt Cell into the solution for about fifteen minutes. Position the salt cell in its upright alignment first in an empty bucket. Pour the solution you made to the bucket. Continue transferring the cleaning solution until you see that the level of solution is already higher than labeled on the cell.
    4. After fifteen minutes of soaking, take the salt cell out, flip vertically because this time, you need to soak the other end of the cell will. Wait again for another fifteen minutes for the soaking time.
    5. Once the soaking complete, check for the plates inside the cell and if you still notice that there are still mineral deposits adhered on it, soak it again into the water and muriatic acid solution.
    6. When you notice that there are no more mineral deposits on the cell, you can now rinse the salt cell. Make sure that you get rid of all the traces of the water and muriatic acid cleaning solution.
    7. Once it is completely clean, you can now reconnect all the devices and cords that you removed from it at the start of the cleaning process. You have to reconnect the cell and the return pipe of the pool and its electrical supply. Look for the flashing ‘Inspect Cell’ indicator and press the button to stop it.
    8. You then have to set the timer again. You can do this by pressing the button for diagnostic for about three seconds.
    9. After this process, you can now turn on the filter pump so the Aqua Rite Salt Cell and the Aqua Rite Salt Chlorinator will start working again to keep your swimming pool clean.

You will only have a clean swimming pool if you know how to take care well enough of the equipments responsible for its cleanliness and maintenance. The process can be very simple and you only have to do this quarterly so make sure you find time for your Aqua Rite Salt Cell when cleaning is already necessary.

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